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"Success, happiness, peace of mind and fulfillment - the most priceless of human treasures - are available to all among us, without exception, who make things happen - who make "good" things happen - in the world around them."

------ Joe Klock

Laser Tag? It was great, but could've been better if I receive a positive score for both games. Other than suffering a bit of an asthma attack, it was a great game.

Lunch? Demonstrated how to eat spaghetti with a fork. Haha, it was funny how the three of us ordered the SAME lunch XD

Scrabble? A wonderful game ruined by people with sick minds. Haha, as usual, my team won [woot!], but it doesn't really matter cuz it was a game where everyone had fun. Who could've thought that putting a single letter on the board would earn them 10+ points? Haha...

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